Contessa Rum price list 2024

Contessa Rum

Contessa xxx Rum is a popular Indian rum brand manufactured by Radico Khaitan Limited, the second largest liquor manufacturer in India. It is one of the best-selling rum brands in the country, known for its smooth taste and complex flavors. About Contessa Rum Brand name Type Alcohol percentage Taste Website Contessa White Rum White rum … Read more

Khodays Rum Price 2024

Khodays Rum Price

Khodays Rum is manufactured by the Khoday Group, which is one of the oldest and largest liquor companies in India. The Khoday Group was founded in 1942, and it has been producing a wide range of liquor products for over 80 years. Brand Name Manufacturer Taste Alcohol Percentage Official Website Khodays Gold Rum Khoday India … Read more

Black Bull Rum Price

black bull price 750ml

Black Bull Rum is a premium rum manufactured by Nicol House India, a leading liquor company in India. This is premium sugarcane rum that is made using a traditional aging process and aged for a minimum of 3 years in wooden casks. This gives the rum its dark, full-bodied color, distinctive flavor, and smooth, mellow … Read more

Old Habbit Rum Price in India

old habbit rum price

Old Habbit Rum price Delhi Old Habbit Rum Haryana Old Habbit Rum price Hyderabad Old Habbit Rum price kolkata Old Habbit Rum Rajasthan Old Habbit Rum price Karnataka Old Habbit Rum price UP Old Habbit Rum Telengana Old Habbit Rum price Goa Old Habbit Rum price Kerala Old Habbit Rum price Mumbai Old Habbit Rum … Read more

Lion Daddy Dark Rum Price in India [2024]

Lion Daddy Dark Rum Price in India

If you are looking for Lion daddy dark rum price then I must say you are in right place. Here you can get latest price all kind of alcohol 10 Best Wines under 1000 rupees | Best single malts under 4000 rupees 10 Best Brandy brands in India under 1000 rupees 10 Best whisky Under … Read more