Royal stag Price Delhi

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royal stag price delhi

Royal stag whisky price list in Delhi

Royal Stag Whisky90 ml₹55
Royal Stag Whisky180 ml₹130
Royal Stag Whisky375 ml₹240
Royal Stag Whisky750 ml₹450
Royal Stag Whisky1000 ml₹590
Royal stag barrel select Whisky90 ml₹65
Royal stag barrel select Whisky180 ml 125₹
Royal stag barrel select Whisky375 ml₹430
Royal stag barrel select Whisky750 ml₹500
Royal stag barrel select Whisky1000 ml₹660

Royal Stag Nutritional Information

Royal Stag Deluxe, 40% ABV
Demineralised Water, Grain Neutral Spirit and Scotch Malts Concentrate

Energy (kJ/kcal)915/221
Alcohol (g)31.56
Fat (g)0
Saturates (g)0
Carbohydrates (g)0
Sugars (g)0
Protein (g)0
Salt (g)0

Royal Stag, also known as Seagram’s Royal Stag, is an iconic Indian whisky that emerged in 1995, revolutionizing the spirits industry. Crafted by Pernod Ricard, this premium brand has garnered global acclaim for its exceptional quality and distinct flavor. Through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to quality, Royal Stag achieves a smooth and refined taste, blending the finest grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. Its harmonious fusion of sweetness, richness, and subtle smokiness captivates whisky enthusiasts worldwide, making it Pernod Ricard’s top-selling brand by volume. With its versatility and unrivaled reputation, Royal Stag continues to set new standards in the whisky world, cementing its position as a symbol of excellence. Here you can get updated Royal stage price always. For the 750ml bottle of Royal Stag, the price in West Bengal is rupees 740. If you prefer a smaller size, the 375ml variant can be found at rupees 500 in Kolkata. And for those seeking a more compact option, the 180ml bottle of Royal Stag in west bengal is price rupees 220 in Kolkata.

Royal Stag Price Kolkata only we can let you know the latest update of different variations.

Why most people love Royal stag?

Royal Stag whisky has captured the hearts of many due to its legacy, exceptional quality, and smooth flavor. What sets it apart is its reasonable price, making it accessible to a wide range of whiskey enthusiasts.

Is Royal stag made in India?

Royal Stag whisky, proudly made in India, combines the best of both worlds when it comes to its ingredients. The brand sources its scotch malt from the famed distilleries of Scotland, renowned for their rich tradition and expertise. Additionally, Royal Stag incorporates the finest Indian grain spirits, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flavors that captivates whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

Royal stag made from grain or molasses?

Royal Stag whisky is primarily made from grain spirits. The brand uses a combination of imported scotch malt and Indian grain spirits to craft its distinct flavor profile, showcasing the expertise in blending these ingredients to create a remarkable drinking experience.

is royal stag sugar free?

Royal Stag whisky does not contain added sugar. It is crafted to deliver the rich and flavorful taste without the addition of any sweeteners. This ensures that whisky enthusiasts can savor the pure essence of the drink without any added sugars interfering with the natural flavors.

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