Rampur Whisky Price in India 2024

In the world of fancy whisky, Scotland has usually been the big boss. But lately, a new player, Rampur Whisky, has entered the scene from the Himalayan foothills in India. This unique Indian whisky has a special flavor crafted by its exotic roots and cool aging methods, quickly becoming a hit not just at home but all around the world. If you are looking for Rampur whisky prices, then you are in the right place. On this website, you will find all kinds of liquor prices.

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About Rampur Whisky

Brand NameRampur
Brand TypeSingle Malt Whisky
VariantsRampur Select, Rampur Double Casks, Rampur PX Sherry Single Malt, Rampur Signature Reserve, Rampur Asava
Official Websitehttps://rampursinglemalt.com/

Rampur Whisky Price List In India 2024

Here you can get all available variants of Rampur Whisky state-wise.

Rampur Whisky Price In Delhi 2024

The cost of Rampur whisky usually varies between ₹7210 and ₹12000 for a 750-ml bottle, contingent upon the specific variant you choose.

Rampur whisky price in DelhiDouble Casks750mlRs. 8090.00
Rampur whisky price in DelhiAsava750mlRs. 9390.00
Rampur whisky price in DelhiSelect750mlRs. 7210.00
Rampur whisky price in DelhiSignature Reserve750mlRs.12290
Rampur whisky price in DelhiVintage Select Casks750mlRs.8700

Rampur whisky price in Punjab CSD Canteen 750ml is Rs.4800.00

Rampur whisky price in Punjab Double Casks 750ml Rs.7000.00

Rampur Double Cask Single malt Whisky price in Kolkata 750ml is Rs.6500.00

Rampur Whisky Price in India 2024

Rampur whisky price in Mumbai 750mlRs. 9,000-12,000
Rampur whisky price in UP750ml Rs. 8,000-11,000
Rampur whisky price in Goa750mlRs. 9,500-12,500
Rampur whisky price in Hyderabad750ml Rs. 8,500-11,500 
Rampur whisky price in Bangalore750ml Rs. 9,000-12,000
Rampur whisky price in Kolkata750mlRs. 8,500-11,500
Rampur whisky price in Chandigarh750mlRs. 9,000-12,000
Rampur whisky price in Pune750ml Rs.8,500-11,500
Rampur whisky price in Punjab750mlRs. 8,000-11,000

Please find below chart for alcohol percentage of Rampur whisky

Brand NameRampur
Brand TypeSingle Malt Whisky
* Rampur Select43% ABV
* Rampur Double Casks47.5% ABV
* Rampur PX Sherry Single Malt46% ABV
* Rampur Signature Reserve45% ABV
* Rampur Asava43% ABV
Official Websitehttps://rampursinglemalt.com/https://rampursinglemalt.com/

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The story of Rampur Whisky begins in 1943, when the Rampur Distillery was established in Uttar Pradesh, India. Though the distillery existed for decades, the Rampur brand itself wasn’t launched until 2015. Today, it is owned by Radico Khaitan, one of India’s leading spirits companies.

How Rampur whisky is manufactured and its taste:

Rampur offers a diverse range of expressions, each with its own distinct personality:

  • Rampur Select: The entry point to the brand, known for its smooth, malty character with hints of honey and vanilla.
  • Rampur Double Casks: Aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, offering a richer profile with notes of dried fruit, spice, and caramel.
  • Rampur PX Sherry Single Malt: A sherry cask-finished expression brimming with dark fruit flavors, raisins, and a touch of chocolate.
  • Rampur Signature Reserve: Aged for at least 12 years, presenting a complex blend of oak, spice, and dried fruits.
  • Rampur Asava: The brand’s latest offering and a recent award winner, known for its tropical fruit notes and intense, lingering finish.

Why Rampur whisky popular in India?

  • Uniqueness: Rampur’s use of Indian barley and its maturation in the foothills of the Himalayas, with its extreme temperature fluctuations, create a whisky unlike any other. This unique terroir imparts a distinct character, setting it apart from its Scottish counterparts.
  • Quality: Rampur is committed to using high-quality ingredients and meticulous production processes, resulting in a consistently smooth and flavorful whisky.
  • Value: Compared to many Scotch single malts, Rampur offers a competitive price point, making it an accessible choice for discerning whisky enthusiasts.
  • Storytelling: The brand leverages its rich Indian heritage and exotic origins to create a captivating narrative, resonating with consumers seeking more than just a drink.

The best whisky in India

Rampur Whisky is not just a popular choice in India but is also gaining international recognition. Its recent win at the prestigious John Barleycorn Awards as the “Best World Whisky” is a testament to its growing global appeal.

As the world of whisky continues to evolve, Rampur Whisky is poised to play a significant role. With its unique character, commitment to quality, and captivating story, this Indian single malt is sure to leave a lasting impression on palates worldwide. So, why not raise a glass and experience the enigma of Rampur Whisky for yourself? Cheers!

Rampur Whisky is not just a popular choice in India but is also gaining international recognition. Its recent win at the prestigious John Barleycorn Awards as the “Best World Whisky” is a testament to its growing global appeal.

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