McDowell’s Brandy Price in 2024

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Looking for the latest price on your favorite McDowell’s Brandy? You’ve come to the right place! We offer a comprehensive list of current prices for all types of liquors, including your beloved McDowell’s. Whether you’re seeking the classic No. 1 or a premium VSOP expression, we have the most up-to-date information to help you make informed choices.

About McDowell’s VSOP Brandy

Brand NameMcDowell’s No. 1 Gold Deluxe Indian Brandy
Brand TypeIndian Brandy
ManufacturerUnited Spirits Limited (USL)
IngredientsGrape brandy, caramel, water
TasteSmooth and mellow, with hints of oak, fruit (especially raisins and prunes), and vanilla.
Alcohol Percentage42.8% ABV
Official Website

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy Price List 2024

Here are the latest price list of McDowell’s Brandy Price state-wise.

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy Price in Kerala in 2024

StateQtyPrice (INR)
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Kerala 750ML860.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Kerala 375ML430.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Kerala 180ML230.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Kerala 500ML530.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Kerala 1000ML1040.00

McDowell’s Brandy VSOP Price in Karnataka in 2024

StateQtyPrice (INR)
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Karnataka 750ML914.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Karnataka 375ML500.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Karnataka 180ML260.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Karnataka 1000ML1228.00

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu in 2024

StateQtyPrice (INR)
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu750ML650.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu375ML350.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu180ML180.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu1000ML800.00

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy Price list 2024

StateQtyPrice (INR)
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Bangalore750ML710.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Delhi750ML800.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Kolkata750ML750.00
McDowell’s Brandy Price in Panjab750ML820.00

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy is a household name in India, synonymous with quality and affordability. For over seven decades, it has been the go-to brandy for celebrations, casual gatherings, and quiet evenings. But what makes McDowell’s VSOP Brandy so popular? Let’s delve into its rich history, unique production process, and the reasons behind its enduring appeal in the Indian market.

History of McDowell’s VSOP Brandy

The story of McDowell’s VSOP Brandy begins in 1898 with two enterprising Scottish brothers, Edgar and Andrew McDowell. They established McDowell & Co. in Bangalore, India, and began producing alcoholic beverages, including rum, gin, and whisky. In 1948, they launched their first brandy, McDowell’s XO, marking the brand’s foray into this iconic spirit.

Over the years, McDowell’s VSOP Brandy has grown to become a behemoth in the Indian alcoholic beverage industry. It is owned by United Spirits Limited (USL), a Diageo subsidiary, and holds the distinction of being the world’s largest selling brandy brand by volume.

How its made

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy is made from a blend of grape brandies produced in India’s diverse wine-growing regions. The grapes are handpicked and fermented before being distilled twice in copper pot stills. The resulting brandy is then matured in oak barrels for varying periods, depending on the desired expression.

The use of high-quality grapes, traditional distillation methods, and careful aging contribute to the smooth and mellow character of McDowell’s VSOP Brandy. It has a warm, inviting aroma with hints of oak, fruit, and vanilla, and a well-rounded flavor profile that is perfect for neat drinking, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

why McDowell’s VSOP Brandy is most popular in India

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy’s popularity in India can be attributed to several factors:

  • Affordability: Compared to other imported brandies, McDowell’s VSOP Brandy is much more accessible to the average Indian consumer. This makes it a popular choice for everyday consumption and special occasions alike.
  • Versatility: McDowell’s VSOP Brandy can be enjoyed in various ways, neat, on the rocks, with mixers, or in cocktails. This versatility caters to diverse palates and drinking preferences.
  • Brand recognition: Over the years, McDowell’s VSOP Brandy has built a strong brand image in India. It is associated with quality, tradition, and shared experiences, making it a familiar and trusted choice for many consumers.
  • Cultural significance: Brandy has become an integral part of Indian social gatherings and celebrations. McDowell’s VSOP Brandy, in particular, has found its way into weddings, birthdays, and festive occasions, solidifying its cultural significance.

Beyond the Glass

McDowell’s VSOP Brandy is not just a drink; it is a cultural icon that embodies the spirit of India. Its rich history, unique production process, and enduring popularity are testaments to its quality and relevance. As India continues to evolve, McDowell’s VSOP Brandy is sure to remain a cherished part of its social fabric, warming hearts and creating memories for generations to come.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, McDowell’s VSOP Brandy has also benefited from strategic marketing campaigns and sponsorships. The brand has partnered with various sporting events and entertainment programs, further increasing its visibility and appeal among Indian consumers.

Looking Ahead

With its strong brand legacy, commitment to quality, and adaptability to evolving consumer preferences, McDowell’s Brandy is well-positioned to maintain its leadership in the Indian market. As the Indian economy grows and disposable incomes rise, the demand for premium brandies is expected to increase. McDowell’s is well-equipped to cater to this segment with its diverse range of expressions, including XO, VSOP, and Reserve.

Whether enjoyed neat or in a celebratory toast, McDowell’s Brandy remains a spirit that captures the essence of India. Its rich history, smooth taste, and cultural significance ensure that it will continue to be a beloved choice for generations to come.

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