Kyron Brandy price 2024

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About Kyron Brandy

Brand NameKyron
Brand TypeIndian Brandy
Alcohol Percentage40%AV
IngredientsHigh-quality grape brandies, pure water and caramel
TasteSmooth and mellow, with hints of oak,
fruit (think raisins and prunes), vanilla, and spice.
ManufacturerAllied Blenders & Distillers Pvt. Ltd. (ABD)
Official Website

Kyron Brandy price list 2024

Kyron Brandy price in Karnataka180ML425.81
Kyron Brandy price in Karnataka375ML873.98
Kyron Brandy price in Karnataka750Ml1747.97
Kyron Brandy price in Kerala750Ml1340.00

Kyron Premium French Brandy price in Telengana 2024

Kyron Brandy price in Telengana750ml1280.00
Kyron Brandy price in Telengana375ml640.00
Kyron Brandy price in Telengana180ml320.00
Kyron Brandy price in Telengana90ml170.00

Kyron Brandy is a creation of Allied Blenders & Distillers Pvt. Ltd. (ABD), a company established in 1965 with a deep-rooted commitment to crafting fine spirits. Inspired by French brandy-making traditions, ABD launched Kyron Premium Brandy in 1998, aiming to bring a touch of Parisian elegance to the Indian market.

From Grapes to Glass:

While the exact blend and aging process remain closely guarded secrets, we know that Kyron Brandy is made with a careful selection of grape brandies. These brandies are distilled twice in copper pot stills, a traditional method that helps retain the delicate flavors and aromas of the grapes. The brandies are then matured in oak barrels for varying periods, allowing them to mellow and acquire their characteristic oaky notes.

The key ingredients of Kyron Brandy include:

  • High-quality grapes: Sourced from India’s finest wine-growing regions, these grapes provide a solid foundation for the brandy’s smooth taste.
  • Pure water: Crystal-clear water is used to dilute the brandy to its desired alcohol content, preserving its delicate flavors.
  • Caramel: A touch of caramel adds a subtle sweetness and richness to the brandy’s profile.

Why Indians Love Kyron Brandy

There are several reasons why Kyron Brandy has become a staple in Indian homes:

  • Smooth and versatile taste: Kyron Brandy is known for its smooth and mellow character, with hints of oak, fruit, and vanilla. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, making it perfect for any occasion.
  • French-inspired elegance: The elegant bottle design and the “Fabulously French” tagline associated with Kyron create an aura of sophistication and international appeal.
  • Affordability: Compared to imported brandies, Kyron Brandy offers a premium experience at a significantly lower price, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.
  • Cultural significance: Over the years, Kyron Brandy has become intertwined with Indian social gatherings and celebrations. Its presence signifies joy, good times, and shared experiences.

Kyron Brandy: Beyond the Glass

Kyron Brandy has transcended its status as a mere drink; it has become a cultural icon, synonymous with celebrations, good times, and refined taste. Its success reflects the evolving Indian palate, where consumers are increasingly seeking premium experiences.

Common Q&A

Here are some common questions about Kyron Brandy:

  • What is the alcohol content of Kyron Brandy? Kyron Brandy has an alcohol content of 40% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).
  • What are some popular Kyron Brandy cocktails? Kyron Brandy can be used in various cocktails, including the Kyron Sour, the Brandy Old Fashioned, and the Brandy Alexander.
  • What are the different types of Kyron Brandy available? ABD offers several Kyron Brandy expressions, including Kyron XO, Kyron VSOP, and Kyron Reserve, each with a slightly different flavor profile and aging period.
  • Kyron brandy price in Hyderabad? Kyron Brandy price in hyderabad 750ml Rs.1260.00

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