King Louis Brandy Price 2024

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King Louis brandy is underrated, and this brandy is mainly popular in the south region of India, but nowadays it is becoming popular around the country. If you are looking for latest price of King Louis XIV brandy then you are in the right place. Here you will get latest price of all kinds of liquor.

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About King Louis XIV XO Brandy

Brand NameKing Louis XIV XO Brandy
IngredientsUgni Blanc grapes grown in the Grande Champagne appellation of Cognac, France
TasteRipe fruit, honey, vanilla, oak, spice, caramel
Alcohol percentage40% ABV
ManufacturerSNJ Group
Official website

King Louis XIV XO Brandy Price list 2024

BrandVolumeMRP (INR)
King Louis Brandy Price in Kerala750ml1290.00
King Louis Brandy Price in Karnataka750ml1787.98
King Louis Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu750ml1050.00
King Louis Brandy Price in chennai750ml1050.00
King Louis Brandy Price in Pondicherry 750ml1050.00

SNJ Group offers a diverse selection of brandy options, catering to various preferences and budgets. Here’s a list of their brandy products, categorized by type and description:

Premium Brandy:

  • Classic Signout: Made with imported French grape spirits, offering a delicate aroma and rich flavor.
  • British Empire: Crafted with superior grapes, boasting a smooth texture and exceptional taste.
  • King Louis XO: A cherished favorite from France, known for its extraordinary quality and taste.
  • Royal Palace Brandy : A blend of finesse, offering a unique and royal experience.
  • SNJ VSOP: A well-balanced cognac blend, recognized for its unparalleled taste and quality.
  • Chevalier de Paris: Distilled with French ingredients, bringing the essence of France to your table.

Other Brandy Options:

  • Dutchman: Prepared with Dutch-imported ingredients, delivering a distinct taste and texture.
  • Napoleon: A popular choice, known for its smooth and satisfying experience.
  • Vasco 1498: A unique blend inspired by the explorer Vasco da Gama, offering a distinctive flavor profile.

Additional Information:

  • SNJ Group also produces other IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) categories like whiskey, vodka, and rum, so their website might mention those under the brandy section.
  • Remember that availability of specific brands and variants might differ based on your location and local regulations.

Ingredients of King Louis Brandy

The story begins with Ugni Blanc grapes, plump and juicy, basking in the ideal climate and chalky soil of the Grande Champagne appellation. These are no ordinary grapes; they’re the aristocracy of the vineyard, chosen for their inherent nobility and destined for greatness.

How its made:

With gentle hands, the grapes are transformed into eau-de-vie, the “water of life,” in the heart of Charentais copper stills. These traditional vessels, imbued with generations of cognac whispers, coax out the essence of the grapes, capturing their soul in a potent spirit.

Why its called XO:

The eau-de-vie then embarks on a timeless dance with Limousin oak barrels. For 14 years, or even longer, it rests in these hallowed vessels, the oak whispering its secrets of spice, caramel, and vanilla. The air in the cellars hums with the slow waltz of wood and spirit, a silent testament to the passage of time.

Taste of King Louis Brandy

With each passing year, the cognac evolves. It sheds its youthful vibrancy, acquiring the rich, complex character of age. The first sip is a revelation: a tapestry of ripe apricots, peaches, and plums, woven with threads of honey, vanilla, and a hint of floral elegance. The oak’s subtle touch adds a whisper of spice and caramel, while the long, lingering finish leaves a warm caress on the palate.

Beyond the Glass:

King Louis XIV XO is more than just a cognac; it’s an experience. It’s a conversation starter, a silent companion, a celebration waiting to happen. Savor it neat in a snifter, letting the aromas swirl and unfold like a hidden garden. Add a touch of ice for a refreshing twist, or unleash your inner alchemist in a masterful cocktail.

A Legacy of Excellence: The SNJ Group, guardians of this liquid heritage for over 150 years, pour their passion and expertise into every bottle of King Louis XIV XO. Each sip is a testament to their dedication to tradition, their respect for the land, and their unwavering pursuit of excellence.

A Touch of Royalty: The bottle itself is a masterpiece. Adorned with the royal crest of King Louis XIV, the Sun King himself, it embodies the grandeur and elegance of the cognac within. The wax seal, a symbol of authenticity and craftsmanship, adds a final touch of regal allure.

King Louis XIV XO is a cognac for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It’s a testament to the art of patience, the alchemy of time and wood, and the enduring legacy of French tradition. It’s a taste of history, a sip of luxury, and a reminder that sometimes, the greatest treasures come in the most beautiful bottles.

So, raise a glass to the Sun King, to the SNJ Group, and to the timeless art of cognac. Raise a glass to King Louis XIV XO, and let the symphony of flavors take you on an odyssey through time and taste.

This is more than just a drink; it’s a journey fit for a king.

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