Golden Touch Brandy Price [2024]

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Golden Touch Brandy isn’t just a brandy; it’s an experience. If you are looking for latest golden touch brandy price then you are in right place.

This premium Indian brandy from KALPATHARU BREWERIES AND DISTILLERIES PVT LTD (KBD) has garnered a loyal following for its smooth, nuanced taste and luxurious image. Let’s delve into the world of Golden Touch 24 Carat French XO Brandy, exploring its origins, production process, ingredients, and the reasons behind its popularity in India.

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About Golden Touch Brandy

Brand NameGolden Touch 24 Carat French XO Brandy
TypeIndian Brandy
TasteSmooth and luxurious, with complex notes of oak,
fruit (think raisins and prunes), vanilla, and spice.
IngredientsHigh-quality grape brandies, pure water, caramel
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Golden Touch Brandy Price List [2024]

Here you will get latest price of all kinds of liquors.

Golden Touch Brandy Price in Kerala
750mlRs. 560.00
Golden Touch Brandy Price in Karnataka
750mlRs. 913.00
Golden Touch Brandy Price in Kolkata
Golden Touch Brandy Price in Bengaluru
750mlRs. 913.00
Golden Touch Brandy Price in Pondicherry
750mlRs. 1050.00
Golden Touch Brandy Price in Hyderabad
750mlRs. 680.00
Golden Touch Brandy Price in Panjab
750mlRs. 850.00

In brandy, “XO” stands for “Extra Old” and signifies a specific level of aging for the youngest brandy used in the blend. Here’s a breakdown of what XO means:

KBD, established in 1965, boasts a rich heritage in creating fine spirits. Golden Touch 24 Carat was launched in 2009, embodying the brand’s commitment to premium spirits. Its elegant bottle, adorned with intricate gold patterns, reflects the luxurious experience it promises.
Golden Touch 24 Carat brandy bottle

How its made

Golden Touch 24 Carat is a blend of carefully selected grape brandies, each meticulously aged in oak barrels for years. The specific details of the blend and aging process are closely guarded secrets, adding to the brand’s mystique. However, what we do know is that the brandy undergoes a slow and natural maturation process, allowing the flavors to mature and meld gracefully.
The key ingredients include:

High-quality grapes: Golden Touch uses handpicked grapes from India’s finest wine-growing regions, ensuring a superior base for the brandy.
Pure water: Crystal-clear water is used to dilute the brandy to its desired alcohol content, preserving its delicate flavors.
Caramel: A touch of caramel adds a subtle sweetness and richness to the brandy’s profile.

Why Indians Love Golden Touch 24 Carat french brandy?

There are several reasons why Golden Touch 24 Carat has struck a chord with Indian consumers:
Smooth and luxurious taste: The slow aging process and careful blending result in a remarkably smooth brandy with complex notes of oak, fruit, vanilla, and spice. This refined taste caters to those who appreciate a sophisticated spirit.
Premium positioning: The elegant bottle design, coupled with the 24 Carat moniker, creates an aura of luxury and exclusivity. Golden Touch 24 Carat is often seen as a symbol of success and celebration, making it a popular choice for special occasions.
Affordability compared to imported brands: While positioned as a premium brand, Golden Touch 24 Carat remains significantly more affordable than many imported brandies. This makes it a more accessible option for a wider range of Indian consumers.
Versatility: Golden Touch 24 Carat can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Its smooth character makes it a versatile spirit, adapting to different preferences and moods.

The Golden Touch Legacy

Golden Touch 24 Carat has transcended its status as a mere brandy. It has become a cultural icon, synonymous with celebration, good times, and refined taste. Its success reflects the evolving Indian palate, where consumers are increasingly seeking premium experiences.
Whether you’re a seasoned brandy connoisseur or simply looking for a taste of luxury, Golden Touch 24 Carat offers a unique and memorable experience. Its smooth, complex flavors, coupled with its elegant image, make it a worthy addition to any celebration.
So, raise a glass of Golden Touch 24 Carat and toast to the finer things in life!

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