100 Pipers price in India 2024

100 pipers price in India

100 Pipers is a type of Scotch whisky manufactured by Pernod Ricard India Private Limited. It’s really popular in India and the second most popular in Asia. They mix together 25 to 30 different kinds of Scotch whisky, mostly from a place in Scotland called Speyside. They let it sit in oak barrels for at … Read more

Rampur Whisky Price in India 2024

Rampur Whisky price

In the world of fancy whisky, Scotland has usually been the big boss. But lately, a new player, Rampur Whisky, has entered the scene from the Himalayan foothills in India. This unique Indian whisky has a special flavor crafted by its exotic roots and cool aging methods, quickly becoming a hit not just at home … Read more

10 Best Whiskies under 3000 rupees

Best Whiskies under 3000 rupees

People who really like whisky in India often have a lot of choices to consider, and it can be hard to decide. But what if you want to try really good whisky without spending too much money? Here’s a list we made of the top 10 best whiskies under 3000 rupees in India. Each one … Read more

Roku Gin Price 2024

roku gin price

Roku Gin is a Japanese craft gin that is distilled with six different Japanese botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice root, sansho peppercorns, and yuzu peel. These botanicals are carefully selected to create a gin that is both complex and balanced. About Roku Gin Brand Name Manufacturer Alcohol Percentage Ingredients Website Roku Gin … Read more

Hapusa Gin Price 2024

Hapusa Gin Price

Hapusa Gin or Hapusa Himalayan dry Gin is a unique and flavorful gin distilled in Jaisalmer, India, by Nao Spirits. It is made with a blend of traditional juniper berries and Indian botanicals, including coriander seeds, fennel, turmeric, mango, ginger, cardamom, gondhoraj limes, and almonds. All botanicals are added in a one-shot method to the … Read more