Gianchand Whisky Price In India 2024

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Gianchand is known as one of India’s top single-malt whiskies. It’s aged for over three years, boasting a rich gold color and a smooth, easy-to-drink taste. You’ll taste sweet and spicy hints of honeycomb, dried fruits, and ginger, with a touch of peaty warmth. It’s perfect for beginners or those who prefer a lighter, locally-inspired dram. In this article, you will get the details of this single malt whisky and the latest Gianchand Whisky Price in India. Not only that, but you will also get the latest prices for all kinds of liquor here.

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About Gianchand Single malt Whisky

Brand NameGianchand
Brand TypeSingle Malt Whisky
IngredientsMalted barley, Himalayan water, yeast
Alcohol Percentage46.8% ABV
ManufacturerDevans Modern Breweries Pvt. Ltd.
Official Website

What is Single malt Whisky?

Gianchand Whisky Price List In India 2024

Brand nameVolumePrice
Gianchand whisky price in Delhi750ml Rs. 4490.00
Gianchand whisky price in Kolkata750ml Rs. 4490.00
Gianchand whisky price in Jammu750ml Rs. 4490.00
Gianchand whisky price in Leh750ml Rs. 4490.00
Gianchand whisky price in Kolkata750ml Rs. 4490.00
Gianchand whisky price in Gurgaon750ml Rs. 4490.00

Gianchand is a single malt whisky from the Himalayas, gaining popularity in India. Crafted by Devans Modern Breweries in Jammu and Kashmir, it honors its founder, Dewan Gian Chand, known for his dedication to quality.

Ingredients Details

Gianchand’s special taste comes from its ingredients: high-quality malted barley, pure Himalayan water, and a unique blend of yeast strains.

How its made

The process starts in the distillery along the Tawi River, where barley is mashed, fermented, and distilled in copper pot stills. After aging in oak casks for at least three years, Gianchand emerges with its smooth flavor.

Taste of Gianchand Single malt whisky

Indians love Gianchand for its easy-to-drink nature, with sweet and spicy notes like honey, dried fruits, and ginger. It’s also a point of pride as one of India’s first single malts, offering quality at a fair price and winning international awards.

Gianchand isn’t just a drink; it’s a taste of India’s heritage and quality, capturing the hearts of consumers nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gianchand Single Malt Whisky:

1. What are the tasting notes of Gianchand single malt whisky?

Gianchand boasts a smooth and approachable profile with sweet and spicy notes. Expect hints of honeycomb, dried fruits, ginger, and a touch of peaty warmth.

2. Where is Gianchand single malt whisky made?

It’s crafted by Devans Modern Breweries in Jammu and Kashmir, India, nestled amidst the foothills of the Himalayas.

3. What makes Gianchand unique?

Several factors contribute to its uniqueness:

  • Himalayan water: The pristine waters of the Himalayas lend a distinct mineral character to the whisky.
  • Locally sourced barley: Using Indian barley adds a touch of local authenticity to the spirit.
  • Unique aging process: Gianchand matures for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks, contributing to its smooth and complex flavor profile.
  • Award-winning: Recognized for its quality, having won several prestigious awards.

4. Is Gianchand a good whisky for beginners?

Yes, its smooth and approachable profile makes it suitable for those new to single malts.

5. How much does Gianchand single malt whisky cost?

The price varies depending on location, but it generally falls within the mid-range price segment, offering good value for its quality.

6. Where can I buy Gianchand single malt whisky?

Availability can vary, but you might find it in select stores and online retailers in India.

7. Are there any age statements for Gianchand single malt whisky?

Currently, Gianchand offers only one expression, aged for a minimum of 3 years.

8. What are the food pairings for Gianchand single malt whisky?

Its sweet and spicy notes pair well with Indian cuisine, dried fruits, nuts, and cheeses.

9. Is Gianchand single malt whisky peaty?

It has a hint of peaty warmth, but it’s not heavily peated like some Scotch whiskies.

10. How does Gianchand compare to other Indian single malts?

Gianchand offers a distinct flavor profile compared to other Indian single malts, focusing on smoothness and approachability with subtle Himalayan influences.

Review of Gianchand Single malt whisky

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