Fireball Whiskey Price in India

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If you are seeking the Fireball whiskey price, then I must say you are in the right place. Here you can get the latest price of all kind of whisky, Ram, Brandy, Vodka, Wine and Gin. Before drive on the price chart I will suggest to a few things about this Canadian Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and I hope you will enjoy it. If you are in hurry, then you can just check out the price list.

About Fireball Whiskey

Brand NameFireball Cinnamon Whisky
ManufacturerSazerac Company
Alcohol Percentage33% ABV (66 U.S. proof)
Official Website

Fireball Whiskey Price India list 2024:

Fireball Whiskey Price in Karnataka750mlRs. 880
Fireball Whiskey Price in Kolkata750mlRs. 1350
Fireball Whiskey Price in Goa750mlRs. 1050
Fireball Whiskey Price in Delhi750mlRs. 1480
Fireball Whiskey Price in Hyderabad 750mlRs, 1500
Fireball Whiskey Price in Bangalore750mlRs. 880

Fireball Whiskey Price in Australia 750ml, 2024

Fireball Whiskey Price in Australia 200ml $56.00
Fireball Whiskey Price in Australia 750ml$46.90
Fireball Whiskey Price in Australia 1000ml$56.99
Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey price in india

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey: Tastes Like Candy, Warms Like a Bonfire

Remember those Atomic Fireball candies that made your tongue tingle and your eyes water? Imagine if you could sip that fiery sensation, but with the smooth kick of whisky. That’s Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in a nutshell: sweet, spicy, and ready to party.

From Shy Whisper to Red-Hot Roar:

Fireball wasn’t always the life of the party. In the 80s, it hid behind a fancy name like “Dr. McGillicuddy’s Firewater Whisky, and its sounds more like a cough syrup than a party fuel, right? But then came Lil’ Mikey, the mischievous cartoon mascot, and things got hot. Suddenly, Fireball was the cool kid at the bar, the one everybody wanted to hang out with.

Cinnamon Explosion in a Bottle:

Forget sipping bland whiskey! Fireball’s all about that sweet, fiery cinnamon punch. It’s like drinking a melted Atomic Fireball, minus the sugar crash (maybe). This Canadian whisky blend gets a generous dose of cinnamon and some sweetness, creating a taste that’s both smooth and fiery. Warning: cinnamon cravings may occur.

Shots, Cocktails, and Beyond:

Think Fireball’s just for flaming shots? Think again! This fiery friend loves to mix things up. Give your Hot Toddy a cinnamon kick, make a spicy White Russian, or craft a fancy Fireball Smash with mint and lemon. There’s even a Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini for those cool autumn nights. Basically, if you can dream it, you can probably Fireball it.

More Than Just a Drink:

Fireball’s become a pop culture icon, popping up in movies, TV shows, and even your friend’s Instagram stories. It’s the drink that brings people together, whether you’re cheering at a tailgate, swapping stories at a cozy fire, or just looking for a little fun. Remember that mischievous Lil’ Mikey mascot? That’s the spirit of Fireball: playful, a little bit wild, and always ready to bring the heat.

So grab a bottle, gather your friends, and let the Fireball flow! Just remember, this dragon likes to breathe fire responsibly. Enjoy in moderation, stay safe, and get ready to taste the sweet heat of adventure.


Most Common Questions and Answers

fireball whiskey alcohol content

Original: 33% alcohol by volume (ABV) or 66 proof. This is the most common version of Fireball and the one you’ll likely find at most stores.
42 Proof: 21% ABV or 42 proof. This is a lower-alcohol version of the original Fireball, launched in 2020. It offers the same taste experience as the original but with less alcohol.
Wine-based: 21% ABV or 42 proof. This is another non-whiskey version of Fireball made with wine instead of whiskey. It has a similar flavor to the original Fireball but is slightly higher in alcohol than the malt-based version.

Is Fireball Cinnamon whiskey strong?

Compared to most whiskeys (typically 80 proof or 40% ABV): No its Not as strong, think smooth sippin’ (Fireball’s 66 proof or 33% ABV).

What’s the difference between Fireball Cinnamon and cinnamon whiskey?

Here’s the quick & dirty difference between Fireball Cinnamon and cinnamon whiskey:
Fireball Cinnamon:Not actually whiskey: Made with malt or wine base, not distilled grain.
Sweeter & less alcoholic: 33% ABV (66 proof) vs. whiskey’s typical 40% ABV (80 proof).
Strong cinnamon flavor: Think candy-like, not subtle.
Cinnamon Whiskey:
True whiskey: Made from distilled grain, like bourbon or rye.
Less sweet & more complex: Boozy warmth with subtler cinnamon notes.
Higher alcohol content: Can range from 40% (80 proof) to higher.
Think: Fireball = cinnamon candy shot, Cinnamon Whiskey = spicy whiskey sip.

Fireball Whiskey Price 750ml in Bangalore

Fireball Whiskey Price 750ml in Bangalore is Rs. 880

Fireball Whiskey Price in Delhi 750ml

Fireball Whiskey Price in Delhi 750ml is Rs.1450.00

Fireball Whiskey Price in Australia 750ml

Fireball Whiskey Price in Australia 750ml is $46.90

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