Contessa Rum price list 2024

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Contessa xxx Rum is a popular Indian rum brand manufactured by Radico Khaitan Limited, the second largest liquor manufacturer in India. It is one of the best-selling rum brands in the country, known for its smooth taste and complex flavors.

About Contessa Rum

Brand nameTypeAlcohol percentageTasteWebsite
Contessa White RumWhite rum40%Light and subtle
Contessa Gold RumGold rum40%Mellow flavor with notes of vanilla and oak
Contessa Cola RumRum flavored with cola40%Unique flavor of cola and rum
Contessa Coffee RumRum flavored with coffee40%Perfect balance of coffee and rum flavors
Contessa 12 Year Old RumAged rum40%Complex flavor with notes of caramel, spice, and tropical fruits

Contessa Rum 750 ml Price list 2024

StateContessa White Rum (750ml)Contessa Gold Rum (750ml)Contessa Cola Rum (750ml)Contessa Coffee Rum (750ml)Contessa 12 Year Old Rum (750ml)
Contessa Rum in Delhi₹500₹600₹700₹700₹1000
Contessa Rum in Maharashtra₹550₹650₹750₹750₹1100
Contessa Rum in kolkata₹450₹550₹650₹650₹900
Contessa Rum in Karnataka₹520₹620₹720₹720₹1020
Contessa Rum in Andhra Pradesh₹530₹630₹730₹730₹1030
Contessa Rum in Tamil Nadu₹540₹640₹740₹740₹1040
Contessa Rum in Kerala₹550₹650₹750₹750₹1050

Contessa xxx rum price in army canteen 2024

Contessa XXX Rum is available in the Army Canteen at a discounted price to eligible personnel. This is because the Army Canteen is a subsidized store that provides essential goods to Army personnel at a lower cost. Only eligible personnel, such as serving and retired Army personnel, their families, and ex-servicemen, are allowed to purchase goods from the Army Canteen.

There is no limit on the amount of Contessa xxx Rum that eligible personnel can purchase from the Army Canteen. However, they are expected to purchase goods in moderation and avoid overstocking.

CityContessa White Rum (750ml)Contessa Gold Rum (750ml)Contessa Cola Rum (750ml)Contessa Coffee Rum (750ml)Contessa 12 Year Old Rum (750ml)
West Bengal₹330₹430₹530₹530₹730
Andhra Pradesh₹350₹450₹550₹550₹750
Tamil Nadu₹360₹460₹560₹560₹760

How Contessa xxx Rum is Made

Contessa Rum is made from fermented sugarcane juice, which is distilled and then matured in oak casks for a minimum of three years. This aging process gives the rum its rich flavor and aroma.

Varieties of Contessa Rum

Contessa Rum is available in a variety of variants, including:

  • Contessa White Rum: A clear rum with a light and subtle flavor. It is perfect for mixing in cocktails or sipping on its own.
  • Contessa Gold Rum: A golden rum with a mellow flavor and notes of vanilla and oak. It is great for sipping on its own or using in cocktails.
  • Contessa Cola Rum: A unique rum flavored with cola. It is perfect for enjoying on ice or using in cocktails.
  • Contessa Coffee Rum: A rum flavored with coffee. It is perfect for enjoying on its own or using in cocktails.

Taste of Contessa xxx Rum

Contessa xxx Rum is known for its smooth and mellow flavor. It has a complex aroma with notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel. The rum is also slightly sweet, with a long, lingering finish.

Contessa Rum in Cocktails

Contessa xxx Rum is a versatile rum that can be used in a variety of cocktails. Some popular cocktails that feature Contessa xxx Rum include:

  • Rum and Coke: A classic cocktail made with Contessa xxx Rum and cola.
  • Old Fashioned: A classic cocktail made with Contessa Rum, bitters, and sugar.
  • Daiquiri: A classic cocktail made with Contessa xxx Rum, lime juice, and simple syrup.
  • Mojito: A classic cocktail made with Contessa Rum, mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, and club soda.

Contessa xxx Rum Awards and Recognition

Contessa xxx Rum has won numerous awards over the years, including:

  • Gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge
  • Silver medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition
  • Grand gold medal at the Monde Selection

Contessa xxx Rum: A Popular Choice

Contessa xxx Rum is a popular choice for rum drinkers of all levels. It is smooth, flavorful, and affordable. Contessa xxx Rum is also a versatile rum that can be used in a variety of cocktails.

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