1848 Brandy Price [2024]

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We will discuss here about 1848 brandy price, which is manufactured in India by KALS Group.1848 Premium XO brandy is most popular in South region of India. Here you will get latest price of all kinds of liquor.

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Take a Close Look on 1848 Brandy

Brand Name1848 Premium XO Brandy
Brand TypeBrandy
IngredientsDistilled grape spirits, water, caramel color (for color only)
TasteSmooth, with notes of dried fruit, roasted nuts, and hints of oak.
Alcohol Percentage40% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)
ManufacturerKALS Group of Companies
Official Websitehttps://www.kals.co.in/

1848 Brandy Price list in Tamil Nadu 2024

BrandVolumePrice (INR)
1848 Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu750ml840.00
1848 Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu375ml420.00
1848 Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu180ml220.00
1848 Brandy Price in Tamil Nadu1000ml1110.00

1848 Brandy Price list in Kerala 2024

BrandVolumePrice (INR)
1848 Brandy Price in Kerala750ml1170.00
1848 Brandy Price in Kerala375ml610.00
1848 Brandy Price in Kerala180ml310.00
1848 Brandy Price in Kerala1000ml1510.00

1848 brandy price list in Pondicherry 2024

BrandVolumePrice (INR)
1848 Premium XO Brandy Price in Pondicherry750ml840.00
1848 Premium XO Brandy Price in Pondicherry375ml420.00
1848 Premium XO Brandy Price in Pondicherry180ml220.00
1848 Premium XO Brandy Price in Pondicherry1000ml1110.00

Manufacturer Details of 1848 XO Brandy

Behind the elegance of 1848 Premium XO Brandy lies the legacy of KALS Group, a leading name in the Indian alcoholic beverage industry. Established in 1958, KALS has built its reputation on a foundation of excellence and innovation, qualities that permeate every aspect of the 1848 XO production.

How its made

At the heart of this brandy lies a blend of carefully selected eaux-de-vie, each a testament to time’s artistry. These grape spirits slumber in oak barrels for a minimum of ten years, undergoing a mystical dance with the wood. With each passing season, they absorb the richness of oak, its tannins weaving stories of spice and vanilla into their very essence.

Taste of 1848 Brandy

The magic of 1848 Premium XO Brandy unfurls on the palate in a symphony of meticulously balanced flavors. Initial notes of dried fruit, like plump raisins and sun-kissed apricots, lead into a warm embrace of roasted nuts. The oak’s whisper then emerges, leaving a tantalizing hint of spice and vanilla in its wake. The finish is smooth and elegant, lingering like a fond memory, inviting another sip to unravel its intricacies.

why this 1848 brandy popular in mainly south region?

1848 Premium XO Brandy’s popularity in the south isn’t mere happenstance. The region’s rich culinary heritage, with its emphasis on bold, complex flavors, finds a perfect partner in the brandy’s depth and subtlety. Its versatility, equally pleasing neat or in cocktails, makes it a welcome addition to any occasion, from intimate gatherings to festive celebrations.

Beyond the Glass:

However, the appeal of 1848 Premium XO Brandy extends beyond the sensory. It embodies a story of Indian craftsmanship, a testament to the region’s ability to create spirits that rival the best in the world. Each sip becomes a celebration of heritage, a toast to the meticulous hand that nurtures flavor from time itself.

In conclusion, 1848 Premium XO Brandy is more than just a drink; it’s an experience. It’s a journey into the depths of oak-aged excellence, a whisper of time captured in a glass. And for the discerning palate in the south, it’s a symbol of local pride, a taste of home that speaks of sophistication and tradition in equal measure. So, raise a glass and let the story of 1848 Premium XO Brandy wash over you, one sip at a time.

1848 brandy review

What is the price of 1848 brandy in Pondicherry today?

1848 brandy price in Pondicherry 750ml is 840 rupees.

What is the price of 1848 brandy in Kerala today?

1848 brandy price in Kerala 750ml is 1170.00 rupees.

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